PACE Med Kit

PACE Med Kit

$ 40.00

Our PACE compatible Med Kit was put together in conjunction with Med Training Group. Designed and approved by an 18D/PAc you can rest assured it covers as many bases as possible given its compact size.

The PACE medtraining kit is an excellent compact and versatile kit that will address: minor foot issues, splinters, cuts, minor wound treatment, wound cleaning, gauze for something major, water purification, fire and a knife.

Basically most things that can come up in your day to day life./

Contents include:

Iodine Wipes x 4 – wound cleaning, water purification

Alcohol Wipe x 2 – wound cleaning, fire starting

Anti-Microbial Wipe x 1

1” Bandaid x 2

Knuckle Bandaid x 2

Moleskin 2”x3” pad x 2

Antibiotic Ointment x 2

Hydrocortisone x 1

Ibuprofen 2 pack x 3

Tylenol 2 pack x 3

Aspirin 2 pack x 1

Loperamide x 1

Tweezers x 1

Blade x 1

Matches x 1

Compressed Gauze 4yds x 1 1/4”

Steri-Strips x 1

*This does not include a PACE lid

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