Grey to Green Survival Kit
Grey to Green Survival Kit
Grey to Green Survival Kit

Grey to Green Survival Kit

$ 60.00

GORUCK Constellation is an Urban survival and navigation course. In the course you will use items in a kit to carry out various evolutions. The Constellation kit and PACElid were the models for the courses, so it makes sense to offer the exact kit inside a lid ready to go for your Constellation or SHTF preparation.

(1) Black PACElid outfitted with the following items:
(1) Adventurer Button Compass (NATO/U.S. Military Issue) 
(10) All Weather Survival Matches (NATO/U.S. Military Issue) 
(1) Derma Safe Razor Knife (U.S. Military Approved) 
(1) Sewing Kit w/6 Safety Pins (Assembled in USA) 
(6) MP1 Water Purification Tablets (U.S. Military Issue) 
(1) Adventurer Survival Whistle (SOLAS/NATO Approved) 
(1) Mini Survival Fishing Kit (Assembled in USA) 
(1) Type 1A Utility Cord (U.S. Military Approved) 
(1) Brass Snare Wire (Trapping and Equipment Repair) 
(1) Emergency Signal Mirror (Daytime Emergency Signaling) 
(1) Compact Flint Fire Starter w/Striker  
(6) Adventurer Tinder Quik Fire Tabs
(1) Adventurer Fresnel Lens Fire Starter 
(1) Water Bag   
(1) Compact First Aid Kit  
--Sting Relief (2 packets)  
--Butterfly Bandages (2)  
--Band Aids (6)  
--Moleskin (3" x 4")  
--Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)  
--Zip Lock Bag  
(2 packets) Hand Sanitizer   

(1) Silica Gel Desiccant (Moisture Absorbent)


Side note: Ive had these loaded in my PACElid and have never been flagged by TSA...yet.

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