Like you, I understand and appreciate the importance of simple effective tools that can be taken into the field and trusted.

For over twenty years I have worked and played side by side with some of the most experienced and accomplished athletes, climbers, and military/government operators. One takeaway from this experience is the importance of trust worthy and reliable gear. No one wants gear to fail when you're doing your thing.

My formative years were spent in Israel where I learned to navigate and explore with my father and later on I learned about climbing, mountaineering, sailing, knots, and further survival training from my grandfather whom I lived with as a teenager.


I was fortunate to be able to continue to develop my outdoor skills and add that experience to my growing passion for climbing. I climbed full time for many years working my way up walls and climbing routes as difficult as 5.14. I attended College and Graduate School in Colorado and began to integrate my life experiences, skills, and training into the life I have now.

As an adult I worked on international research expeditions, as a climber, advisor, college professor, and now as the Director of GORUCK expeditions.  Throughout it all I have honed my skills in every type of terrain and continued to develop my skill sets by aligning myself with other professionals.

I have raced some of the most difficult endurance events and know that the only way to do so is to have trust in the products you bring: as few as they might be.

You have to know your limits and your gear's limits too; you gain this by training with the gear you use and continuing to develop your working knowledge in your field of choice.

From mountains, rocks, deserts, jungles, and oceans I have become familiar with what gear works (and what gear doesn't).

One takeaway from this is that Northstar Gear Company will stand beside the products we develop 100%. There is no other way.

Our goal is to add function and reduce junk. That is where the concept of the PACElid came from and where all of our future products will deliver: to add functionality, safety, and reliability to your kit so that you can keep getting after whatever it is you do. From being a parent to being a secret squirrel we expect that you keep getting after it.

climbing in Colorado (yea I'm in the center of the image if you look closely..

Thanks for your interest in Northstar Gear Company. We can't do it without you.

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