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One reminder, Two stories, Three rules, and a knot.

One reminder: When hiking or climbing the summit, although exciting, is only the halfway mark.  Plan better my friends. After reading this article, I started to think about another story that was shared with me this winter. The story is about an Arizona mishap, where a woman did a lot of things and survived; she is likely still alive not because of what she did, but rather what her partner did. This story is worth the read. Then I thought, hey maybe its time to avoid Arizona, that state is a magnet for bad juju (consider that a bonus reminder). Which leads me to three rules; which you may know from GORUCK and Navigator.   1. Always look cool 2. Never get lost 3. If you get lost, look cool...

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Nav skills on AMC

First, let me point out that it took a Zombie apocalypse to get me to write something. Anyway, lastnight while watching The Walking Dead something amazing happened; they had a GORUCK Navigator moment. At GORUCK Navigator we teach a variety of survival, navigation, and field skills. Among the useful skills taught at these courses are some practical and helpful knots. One of the cool knots selected to be a part of this exclusive list is the alpine butterfly. Often overlooked, this is a very useful knot to tie a fixed secure loop in the middle of a line. The loop can be used as a tie in or as a way to isolate damaged sections of a rope in the event that you don’t...

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