Nav skills on AMC

First, let me point out that it took a Zombie apocalypse to get me to write something. Anyway, lastnight while watching The Walking Dead something amazing happened; they had a GORUCK Navigator moment. At GORUCK Navigator we teach a variety of survival, navigation, and field skills.

Among the useful skills taught at these courses are some practical and helpful knots. One of the cool knots selected to be a part of this exclusive list is the alpine butterfly. Often overlooked, this is a very useful knot to tie a fixed secure loop in the middle of a line. The loop can be used as a tie in or as a way to isolate damaged sections of a rope in the event that you don’t have a backup and still need to use it.

I have used it on glaciers, to climb in and out of buildings, to clip gear into lines, but probably my favorite use for it is to make a hasty rope ladder or rope steps to swing my kids on.


Clearly the producers of the walking dead are smarter than they look. What the gals were going to do with the rope remains a mystery as they seem to have abandoned it in the hide-site, but I forgive them as GORUCK Constellation is a new event and this episode was probably filmed prior to the launch of beta.


Bravo Walking Dead keep up the good work. Maybe last night the gals would have fared better at getting whats-his-nuts had they come wearing a Constellation patch and equipped with a PACElid?


Anyway, heres how I tie an alpine butterfly at the dining room table, in running shorts, holding the phone with my knees, not threatened by zombies..

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