One reminder, Two stories, Three rules, and a knot.

One reminder:

When hiking or climbing the summit, although exciting, is only the halfway mark. 

Plan better my friends.

After reading this article, I started to think about another story that was shared with me this winter. The story is about an Arizona mishap, where a woman did a lot of things and survived; she is likely still alive not because of what she did, but rather what her partner did. This story is worth the read. Then I thought, hey maybe its time to avoid Arizona, that state is a magnet for bad juju (consider that a bonus reminder).

Which leads me to three rules; which you may know from GORUCK and Navigator.  

1. Always look cool

2. Never get lost

3. If you get lost, look cool

Without going on and on . . . getting lost doesn't look cool. I get it, don't show stress, look cool even if you're not, ducks kicking underwater.. yada yada. Anyway, if you're planning to propose on a mountaintop maybe try a GORUCK challenge first. With a tough patch at least you will know that if push comes to shove, some younger, more handsome, better prepared rescuer doesn't have to carry your not-for-long fiance down the mountain - you can buddy carry her yourself.

Oh, and don't drink your pee.

So, back to navigation, and a knot!

Have you seen the Movie Moana?

I have kids so of course I've seen it. Anyway, at some point Maui picks up a rope, ties a fancy knot, and then sails away (rules 1 and 2 in effect). My youngest daughter asked me to show her how to tie this knot. So I whipped out a quick video of this knot for you too.

First, it is not a real bowline, its called a lighterman hitch, but it looks cool to tie. It makes a loop at the end of a rope. I don't personally use it but as a good Boy Scout I know lots of knots and try to only share the good ones unless its my daughter asking and then I basically do whatever she demands.

you're welcome.




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