Oh snap

Somewhere someone said that life is a condition with a grave prognosis. That doesn't mean I'm in a hurry though. I want to live it to its fullest and often times that involves ropes. Too assure I don't get to the ground faster than I would like I use a few knots. Many times people ask what my favorite knots are and I typically reply "strong ones" and get blank stares. Why the blank stare? I think many folks don't understand that any time you put a knot, bend, fold, kink, angle in a rope it weakens its maximum breaking strength.

For you booger eaters this means that when you tie a knot in a rope it breaks easier.

The thing is its hard to do a whole lot with a rope if you can't tie into it. So I like to show people my three favorite knots: Figure Eight follow through, Bowline, and Alpine Butterfly. Versatile, strong, and easy to learn these knots should be in your repertoire for a few reasons - and their strength is high up that list.

Im only talking about ropes here, not tubular nylon, or other types of things folks use to tie things and do activities with.

A Figure Eight (followed through) maintains up to 80% of the strength of the rope.

A Bowline maintains up to 75% of the strength of the rope.

An Alpine butterfly holds around 75% as well but reposts on this range from 70-80 depending on the source. 

None the less these knots are on the top of the list and many commonly used knots go down as low as 50%. 

Keep in mind that ropes these days are stronger than the ones my grandpa used in the 40s

none the less when your life is on the end of the line I bet you'll want a strong one there also:

You GORUCKers out there might be asking - yea but how strong is a GR1?

Well first let me say that I have no genes for self preservation and that you're an idiot if you even consider trying anything but rucking with a GR1.. but I have rappelled off of the ruck just to see and it held.. and several GRT at an unnamed event in an unnamed location zip lined hanging the straps (does this negate the scars deal>??) anyway, it held too..

But, in the end we want you around longer and so do your friends and families so start using these knot when they are called for in a safe and acceptable manner and the world will be a better place because of you.

Now you might ask.. how do you get the ropes up there in the first place? Well if you have to ask then its not your time to start putting them up.. 



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