A new perspective in three steps


I meet TONS of amazing people every week doing badass shit that I get to see first hand. Many of the guys I work with are simply badasses and I'm fortunate to be able to cross train with them on a regular basis.


Those experiences though aren't what I'm writing about. I wanted to talk about the many people who tell me stories and experiences all share this common thread:

"Last year (or some other reference pointing to a "past" them) I would have thought you were crazy if you would have told me I would be standing here right now". 


Because I am exposed to so many people going through this process I figured I would compile a list of characteristics I notice in these individuals.

No, this isn't some cheesy, say nothing, top ten list. This my friends is a list that gives my opinions (which I'm sure are right). My opinions are supported by my direct experiences, no anecdotal hearsay gobbledygook, and yet to be proven by science.


1. Commit to something new

You've decided to do event X, activity Y, take up hobby Z.. Then do it. You made a commitment to yourself and if you can't honor your own commitments then you're no good to anyone, not even yourself.

Most of the amazing people I meet are in pain.

Most of the people in the midst of this growth are second guessing themselves and feel like they've bit off a little more than they can chew.

Guess what - thats growth. How many times did you fall down learning to walk? Literally.. not boulder bumper sticker bullshit kind of "if life knocks you down.." I'm being serious. If you don't suck at things you've never done before then they are EASY and probably not very interesting.. Growth sucks mentally and physically.. but you end up bigger better and more resilient.

There are exceptions to this: Getting injured, dropped for reasons out of your control, life issues get in the way: these aren't failure - they're life. There are still lessons to be learned in them though.. and you have a choice as to how to face them and come back when you're better equipped and able to accomplish your original goal.

2. Ask for help

Yep, people who grow and accomplish all kinds of amazing things have a support network and a team alongside them. If you don't think you have that - build it. Gather people who want you to get to your destination, discard the ones who don't. Don't know where to find people like that? let me help: sign up for a goruck event.


3. Exercise.


It sucks and is very difficult to start an exercise program. Its even harder to know where and what works best for you. All I know is that you have to exercise at least an hour a day. Im not a physician and I know the surgeon general advises less than this... but take a look at the population.. yea. Exercise at least an hour a day. You don't need to research for years on the internet about what the best this or that is.. you definately dont need chat rooms and web searches. You need to start doing stuff with your body. 

What are some options?

1. crossfit. I dont crossfit but I also don't need it. many do. look for a crossfit box near you.

2. commercial at home programs like military athlete, mountain athlete, p90x, 

they offer pre programmed mindless routines you can follow until it becomes habit and you know what works - in the mean time your going to get fit.

3. Crawl, Walk, Run. 

This is very simple and effective but made way too complicated on the internet. I have a free and nearly flawless solution to this but its too short to write a best selling book so ill give it to you for free:

Step 1, Put on some shoes and start walking..too easy? go faster..

Step 2, repeat.

Do you really need a fancy watch, app, program, group, team, book, calendar? Once you know the answer through direct personal experience you'll be fit as fuck and I want to know that answer, so call me when you have it.



Embody these three steps and you'll be happy, healthy, and grow for the rest of your life.


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